A New Industry Paradigm

BalancePoint needs the highest-quality nursing professionals. And these professionals need BalancePoint. Why? The existing staffing paradigm runs good nurses into the ground and out of the profession. It also suggests the agency nurse is of lesser quality than the staff nurse.

That stops here and now.

BalancePoint Healthcare Staffing has established a new industry paradigm that gives nurses more control of their work lives and provides essential services that offer support in their personal lives. We believe that by caring for our caregivers, we can ensure that our most important assets remain passionate about their lives and satisfied with their profession. We can ensure that our nurses are thriving and providing care that both our patients and hospitals require. This results in a unique ability for BalancePoint to recruit and retain the best nursing talent in Ohio.

How did BalancePoint come to be?

Lori Anderson-Printy, a successful healthcare entrepreneur and executive, founded the company based on the lessons learned while building several other healthcare staffing companies. The most important lesson Lori learned came from a physician she worked with who each time he would meet with a clinical candidate would ask, “What’s your home run?” Well beyond a simple sports metaphor, Lori understood that success in the recruitment and placement business was rooted in satisfied healthcare professionals – individuals with personal needs, goals, priorities, etc.

BalancePoint incorporates the same philosophy. With both current and prospective staff, the company works to understand an individual’s unique needs and provide the essential services to meet them. In many cases that means helping our professionals establish a work-life balance. BalancePoint nurses have access to benefits ranging from flexible work schedules and career development programs, to financial and life planning services. Unlike any other staffing agency, BalancePoint appreciates and rewards staff, as we believe it’s the only path to company success.