Our Featured Pet of the Month from RN Josh!

Our featured pet from Josh, one of our valued employees! Josh says “Nico is our 7, almost 8 year old male Yorkie-Poo. He is annoying while barking at flies who farted in another county, but is a staple in our household. I adopted him via Nicole, my wife. I have been with him for 6.5 years and he’s such an important part in our relationship.

Whenever life is horribly stressful, his mood never wavers, as a tail is always wagging, whimpering for a Greenie treat, and tugging at his leash for a (W) (A) (L) (K). We have to spell it out, because he goes nuts when he hears those trigger words. As he ages, Nico has and will become even more important, as we have welcomed our daughter. At times, I wish he wasn’t always barking and weaving in our paths, but definitely thankful our paths crossed.”