Concierge Care

Comprehensive Care for Today’s Nurses

How does BalancePoint make such a dramatic difference in the lives of our nurses? Our approach focuses on ensuring that they have everything they need to live happier, healthier lives. By providing care that our nurses require and deserve, we help them maintain the vitality it takes to provide the best care to their patients.

All BalancePoint nurses have exclusive access to a host of concierge services provided by certified concierge professionals.

Lifestyle Solutions

  • Bill paying services
  • Personal shopping
  • On-line shopping
  • Assistance with holiday cards
  • Calendar management
  • Project tracking – office and home
  • Thank you note writing
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Locates tickets to sporting, cultural, and sold-out events
  • Set-up and organize home office files
  • Mail management
  • Kitchen organization
  • Closet organization – seasonal wardrobe change
  • Organize and download lost manuals for everything in the home
  • Childproof home
  • Audit magazine renewals subscriptions
  • Organize sports leagues, i.e. bowling, golf, tennis
  • Customized packing lists for summer/winter/weekend homes
  • Create shopping lists for meal planning

Banking Solutions

  • Bill paying services – electronic/hard copy
  • Screen charity requests
  • Rebate requirement completions
  • Tax deductible receipt organization
  • Coupon maintenance/expiration dates
  • Track cell phone/Internet carrier for upgrades and service changes

Pick-up and Delivery Solutions

  • Grocery shopping
  • Dry cleaning
  • Prescription renewal
  • Vehicle maintenance

Index Solutions

  • Catalog/photograph valuables for insurance
  • Photo scanning and memorabilia saving
  • Inventory hobby collections
  • Organize video collections

Problem Solving Solutions

  • Negotiates solutions with vendors
  • Deals with disputes
  • Eliminate telemarketing calls
  • Liaison with home vendors –cable/plumber/electrician/carpenter
  • Gather/present home improvement estimates
  • Manage repair/construction projects
  • Internet research

Travel Solutions

  • Vacation planning
  • Passport – securing new or renewal
  • Visas – obtaining when necessary
  • Inoculations – scheduling when necessary
  • Detailed itineraries
  • Ground Transfers
  • Travel Reward Point Management
  • Destination information
  • Excursion Reservation
  • Back up flight schedules
  • Private Charter scheduling