For Nurses

We’re Here to Take Care of You

You are the backbone of our healthcare system. Without you, we all face challenges that are nearly impossible to overcome. At BalancePoint, we know that you became a nurse to make a difference in the lives of your patients. We also know that as times have changed, you’ve lost the ability to control many aspects of your job and your attitude towards nursing has likely changed.

Why has your attitude changed? To us, the answer is obvious. The pressure you face trying to balance and manage your financial situation, shift schedules, family needs and the increasing pressures in the nursing profession, have likely taken a toll. Many of our nurses have explained that they feel as though they’ve lost control and are physically and mentally exhausted. More important, they’ve said that caring for patients, the reason they became nurses in the first place, has become more of a burden than a calling. BalancePoint is here to make life easier with resources that will help you be the hero you are meant to be.


We are the place where you’re recognized and rewarded for your work. We are the advocate you need to earn more, control your schedule, and spend time focusing on yourself and your life.

We are what an Ohio Nurse Staffing Agency should be.

  • Personalized Work-Life Balance Planning
  • 24/7 Dedicated Work-Life Balance Manager
  • Top-Tier Compensation Package
  • Flexible, Guaranteed Hours
  • Maximum Tax Free Housing/Expense Stipend for Qualifying Travelers
  • Day One Benefits including Health, Dental and 401K
  • OH Licensure & Specialty Certification Reimbursement
  • Contract Completion and Referral Bonuses
  • BalancePOINTS Reward Program