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Caring For Our Caregivers

BalancePoint values each nurse as an individual and provides essential services to achieve a work-life balance. BalancePoint nurses live better, happier and healthier lives.

Ohio’s healthcare system is facing an extraordinary challenge. Simply, there are not enough nurses to serve the growing number of patients in our community. And the problem is only getting worse. By 2020 it is projected that we will face an unprecedented shortfall in experienced nurses, forcing hospitals to provide more care with considerably less qualified nursing staff.


CEO of BalancePoint Lori Anderson-Printy talks about the current challenges facing the healthcare system. She emphasizes the importance of a work-life balance, and discusses how BalancePoint can help healthcare professionals achieve this.

Too Few Nurses, Doing Too Much

Why is there such an alarming shortage of nurses? Nurses have lost the ability to balance their work with the rest of their lives. The Affordable Care Act, aging population, and nurse burnout are all factors. They're pressured into taking on significantly increased workloads, leading to unmanageable stress and early burnout. As nurses leave the profession in droves and fewer enter it, both patient care and patient satisfaction scores suffer greatly.

It doesn't need to be this way. If we take better care of those taking care of us, from giving nurses more control of their work lives to providing essential services that offer support in their personal lives, we can keep good nurses in the profession. We can ensure that our nurses are thriving and providing care that both our patients and hospitals require.

Join Balancepoint

BalancePoint is here to help you thrive by keeping you energized and enthused about making the difference you set out to make. Grow in your profession instead of getting out.

For Ohio's Nurses

BalancePoint is a nurse staffing agency that values the importance of work-life balance. Led by experts that have redefined staffing in other areas of healthcare, BalancePoint gives nurses opportunities to earn more, improve shift schedules and take advantage of a range of resources to ensure they're living better, happier and healthier lives.
  • A dedicated Recruiter for each nurse
  • Expert administrators and operators to work with hospitals on our nurses' behalf
  • Concierge Services to provide the resources for nurses to support work-life balance
  • Ongoing education for nurses to learn how best to manage stress and finances as well as continuing professional development
  • Acknowledgement and appreciation for excellent performance
  • Balance Managers to ensure nurses focus on what matters most, themselves and their patients

For Ohio's Hospitals

BalancePoint provides hospitals value that they have never had before. Intent on changing the prevailing attitudes about "agency nurses", BalancePoint works exclusively with highly-qualified, experienced nurses focused on patient satisfaction. With BalancePoint, Ohio's hospitals have access to top-tier professionals who will work to continuously assure patient safety and improve patient satisfaction scores.

  • Staffing exclusively for Ohio hospitals and healthcare systems – we do not place nurses outside of Ohio
  • Services including Traveler, Per Diem, and Rapid Response
  • Highly-qualified and credentialed RN, BSN and Advanced Practice Nurses with minimum one-year specialty experience
  • The ability to significantly lower nurse turnover costs
  • Seamless integration with existing staffing platforms and dedicated Client Managers